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Seawolf Marine designs and builds custom aluminum boats for the experienced owner who demands quality, craftsmanship, safety and comfort.

Seawolf Marine is unique in the industry. Established in 1990, Seawolf Marine has built fewer boats than some production companies build in a year. Using our proven boat designs as a starting point, each Seawolf boat is meticulously built from the keel up by a small team of highly skilled craftsmen who take a great deal of pride in their work.

By necessity, Seawolf boat owners are a small and select group. Communication between each Seawolf client and the shop floor is unprecedented in the industry. There are no nameless faces involved in your project; no one involved is satisfied with second best. The personal connection between client and craftsman is so strong that many Seawolf owners stop by the shop after their project is complete to check on what’s new or to share stories of their latest trip.

Our production schedule is rapidly filling up. Contact us with your ideas and let’s start designing the last boat you will ever need.

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